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What Our Clients Say

Marfrig Global Foods is the reputable frozen chicken suppliers from South Africa.

I would like to say a big thanks to you guys..I love your frozen chicken and your order delivery is too safe and smooth. “UAE

Shahid Taslim

What a nice job you are doing, thanks to marfrig global foods. I am having your chicken products from last 5 months. “North America

Cheng Su

I just want to say one word for you guy…”Awesome” yeah your foods and services both are a complete package for your success. “Hong Kong

Wang Ts'ao

I am so glad that i found you. This company has helped me to the fullest. The quality of products i get from them is the best and my restaurant is flourishing

Sam Smith

Good things are difficult to come by nowadays. But if u find one, do no let it go. mafri Global Foods is a gift to me when it comes to chicken products. They are outstanding

Susan B

My products just arrived yesterday. I must say that i am amazed with what i saw. The delivery time is so short and the products are of top quality

Jessy D

Who We Are?


Marfrig Global Foods is the largest distributer of frozen halal chicken across the wolrd. We are one of the biggest wholesale chicken suppliers in the country and you can trust the word of our customers. We offer high-quality services to the customers and that is why we have a high return through rate. Our customers are happy with the quality of the products we provide them. All our products are processed in our factory and they go through a rigorous process. We do not engage in steroids for growth, our chicken consumes special corn, wheat, and soybean meal formulated by a nutritionist. These ingredients are selected to provide the best diet for a chicken to grow naturally. ​