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Frozen Chicken Wings

Product: Chicken Mid joint wings, 3 Joint chicken wings, Wingtip, Whole chicken wing
Packaging: 15-20Kg Carton / Custom
Quality: Grade A Select, Clean, No feather, No broken Bones, No smell
Shelf Life: 24 Months

MOQ: 27MT (1*40′ Container)



Frozen Chicken Wings

We offer you the best quality grade a frozen chicken wings and parts with deep and rich flavour. The quality of wings makes them an all-time favourite for all the users and that is enough to satisfy the chicken wing lovers.
All our chicken meets the quality guidelines set by the poultry industry and some other organizations. We source the best-frozen chicken on a global basis and have a lot of farmers of halal chicken in the region. We offer wholesale chicken wings to anyone who wants them for retail or wholesale. We can deliver the best value product at really competitive prices worldwide. The chickens are slaughtered with the Halal process and guidelines. The facilities maintain a high standard of cleanliness and slaughter.

At Marfrig Global Foods, we understand the importance of quality, service and competitive price. Which is why we maintain a world-class standard in the facilities and ensure the humane treatment of the animal to breed them healthy and delicious.

Our team is helping us in developing solutions to serve clients worldwide. We have more than a decade of experience in dealing with chicken-related products and delivering happiness to our customers.


Yes, we do wholesale shipping and exports to most countries and you can contact us for the delivery of frozen chicken wings. We work with the top shipping companies including MAERSK, MSC, or CGA CGM. And depending on the region and schedule, we may offer services of some other companies as well.

Most of the shipping companies take an average of 21 days to ship the products on your port of delivery. We offer more details on the delivery time once the order is shipped through a company. And most importantly, all our products are shipped in temperature-controlled refrigerators to ensure the freshness and quality.


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