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About Marfrig Global Foods

About Us

Welcome to Marfrig Global Foods’ official website, where we are concerned about your nutrition and health. We are experienced in selling poultry meat, frozen items, cold cuts, and eggs for a number of years. We have made our reputation among thousands of customers on our service and commitment to quality.

You may ask a natural question while trying our products for the first time: Why Us? To answer this vital question, we discuss our practices and service:

We are currently in a vision to spread our name through boundaries. We have a business in nearly 150 countries worldwide and aim to establish in more places across the Globe. Our chain of distributors and suppliers are vast. If they don’t help then it would have been impossible for us to grow in such away.

From fresh meat to frozen meat, you will find everything under the roof of Marfrig Global Foods. We take inputs from the experts to improve our quality, and we are dedicated to giving the best experience to each of our customers. We have recently launched a new unit to offer technological and additional solutions to our customers. We always do proper analysis for the needs of our customers and then serve them through our best intentions.

  • We sell fresh meat without adding chemicals or preservatives.
  • We preserve and package our meat under a checked and controlled temperature.
  • We always follow standards when it comes to pack and sell meat to international level.
  • We take special attention to check the quality of meat. For this, we go through several rounds of checking before it actually goes to processing.
  • We work in a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Export Percentage 90% 90%
  • Direct sales 80% 80%
  • Exclusive Supply 90% 90%
  • Market Shares 60% 60%


Get upto 23% discounts in this month. From fast processing to hygienic means of delivery, you can rely on us completely. You can engage with us for Manufacturing, Exporting, or Supply Needs.

Who We Are?


Marfrig Global Foods is the largest distributer of frozen halal chicken across the wolrd. We are one of the biggest wholesale chicken suppliers in the country and you can trust the word of our customers. We offer high-quality services to the customers and that is why we have a high return through rate. Our customers are happy with the quality of the products we provide them. All our products are processed in our factory and they go through a rigorous process. We do not engage in steroids for growth, our chicken consumes special corn, wheat, and soybean meal formulated by a nutritionist. These ingredients are selected to provide the best diet for a chicken to grow naturally. ​

Why Choose Us

Hight Quality Products

The Quality of our products can be attested by our clients. Our products meet all health requirements. We follow all the standard in our production process.

Money Back Guarantee

We keep our customers happy and maintain the reputation of our company by all means possible. If the product we ship to you does not meet the requirements, we refund you completely within 30 days

Customer Satisfaction

We pride our self in the professionalism of our staff. They do everything possible to give our clients a top notch service.