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At Marfrig Global Foods, we provide the highest quality frozen halal chickens to our customers for a long time. We are a trusted and knowledgeable brand by the customers and have over a decade of experience in the business. We have the complete range of wholesale chickens for sale on our portal. Our mission is to enhance your life by providing the best wholesale frozen chickens online you could ever find online. We deal in chicken wings, chicken drumsticks, chicken legs, chicken breast, whole chicken, chicken meat, chicken paw, chicken mortadella, chicken offals, and more.

Why Are Our Products Better?

Superb Quality – We maintain high quality by feeding the chickens with a special diet made specially by a nutritionist. Every step of the process is checked and double-checked to ensure quality and accuracy. The chickens are bred in a large poultry barn with a controlled environment for them to be disease-free.

Hands-on Approach – We take a hands-on approach to everything from breeding the chicken, gathering, providing food, processing, settings, and checking. All the things are done by experts with a controlled approach. This approach makes sure that chickens are as healthy as they can be in a large poultry farm.

Experienced Staff – Having knowledgeable staff to assist every step of the way means things are handled as professionally as you can imagine. We’ve hand picked our staff with enough experience and knowledge on board for them to make the commendable job at the hands. Experienced staff will leave you satisfied and confident in the poultry we operate.

Money-Back Guarantee – We strive to provide an excellent service to the customers and maintain a reputation. We have a policy that helps us gain the confidence of our customers. If the products sent from us are not what you need, we will refund the amount within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Natural Food, No Steroids – Our Chickens don’t receive growth hormones or steroids for the immediate growth of the chickens. Anyway, the use of hormones is illegal in the poultry industry for a long time. We develop a new mixture of corn, wheat, soybean, especially for the chickens by a nutritionist. These ingredients are selected to provide a balanced diet to the chickens for the overall growth of the chickens.

Free-Range Chicken – The chickens are raised in a large poultry barn that protects them from the extreme environments and wandering birds that can transmit diseases to the chickens. The staff can control the airflow in these barns and ensure that chickens are receiving enough water and food. So, No, these are not free-range chickens that can roam outside freely.

Follows Regulations – Our chicken products meet all the requirements set by the USDA or even higher nutritional standards to deliver not only a delicious but healthy product. Our products are all-natural which is made without chemicals, food activities or refined ingredients. We don’t add any coloring, flavouring, preservatives or additives in all the products.

Our Products

Chiken Wings

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Chicken Leg

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Whole Chicken

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Chicken Breast

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Chicken Feet

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Chicken Paw

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Chicken Mortadella

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Chicken Offals

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Why Choose Us

Hight Quality Products

The Quality of our products can be attested by our clients. Our products meet all health requirements. We follow all the standard in our production process.

Money Back Guarantee

We keep our customers happy and maintain the reputation of our company by all means possible. If the product we ship to you does not meet the requirements, we refund you completely within 30 days

Customer Satisfaction

We pride our self in the professionalism of our staff. They do everything possible to give our clients a top notch service.

Best Wholesale Chicken Supplier in the Region


Marfrig Global Foods is the largest distributer of frozen halal chicken across the wolrd. We are one of the biggest wholesale chicken suppliers in the country and you can trust the word of our customers. We offer high-quality services to the customers and that is why we have a high return through rate. Our customers are happy with the quality of the products we provide them. All our products are processed in our factory and they go through a rigorous process. We do not engage in steroids for growth, our chicken consumes special corn, wheat, and soybean meal formulated by a nutritionist. These ingredients are selected to provide the best diet for a chicken to grow naturally.

What Our Clients Say

Marfrig Global Foods is the reputable frozen chicken suppliers from South Africa.

I would like to say a big thanks to you guys..I love your frozen chicken and your order delivery is too safe and smooth. UAE

Shahid Taslim

What a nice job you are doing, thanks to marfrig global foods. I am having your chicken products from last 5 months. “North America

Cheng Su

I just want to say one word for you guy…”Awesome” yeah your foods and services both are a complete package for your success. “Hong Kong

Wang Ts'ao